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An Auto and Shop Information Question

Posted by on in Auto & Shop Information
A turn signal is not working.  A test light is touched to the first accessible connector. The test light lights. The next connector towards the light is probed. The test light does not light. This indicates what?    a) THERE IS AN OPEN CIRCUIT BETWEEN THE TWO CONNECTORS.              b) THE TURN SIGNAL BULB IS BURNED OUT           c) THERE IS AN OPEN CIRCUIT BEFORE THE FIRST CONNECTOR.    d) THE GROUND WIRE HAS BEEN SHORTED OUT  Because when the first connector was tested and illuminated that means there was flow however from the connection to the next there was an open circuit not... Continue reading

ASVAB Prep Tests - Arithmetic Reasoning

Posted by on in Arithmetic Reasoning
Emily has an appointment in 40 minutes. It is now 4:50 p.m. When is Mary’s appointment?   a) 5:30 P.M.               b) 5:00 P.M.             c) 6:00 P.M.             d) 5:45 P.M.               To determine this answer, just simply add the 40 minutes to the current time.... Continue reading