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Mechanical Comprehension

The articles in this section of the Blog are dedicated to the Mechanical Comprehension category found on the ASVAB exam. Mechanical comprehension topics include simple machines, compound machines, mechanical motion and fluid dynamics.


Mechanical Comprehension Practice Exam Questions

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Mechanical Comprehension questions to prep for the ASVAB test   A bus traveling at an average rate of 50 kilometers per hour made the trip to town in 6 hours. If it had traveled at 45 kilometers per hour, how many more minutes would it have taken to make the trip?  40 MINUTES LONGER.          15 MINUTES LONGER.    44 MINUTES LONGER.    23 MINUTES LONGER.               "distance = rate × time or d = r × t 6 2/3 – 6 = 2/3 hours = 40 min "             Mechanical Comprehension A bus and a car leave the same place and traveled in opposite... Continue reading

Great mechanical comprehension ASVAB question

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Great mechanical comprehension ASVAB question   A body resists motion because of its          a) MASS               d) MOLE MASS   c) DENSITY          d) No Answer is Correct Newton’s first law states that if the net force is zero, then the velocity of the object is constant. Velocity is a vector quantity which expresses both the object's speed and the direction of its motion; therefore, the statement that the object's velocity is constant is a statement that both its speed and the direction of its motion are constant and Newton’s second law states that force is proportional to mass.   ... Continue reading