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General Science

The articles in this section of the Blog are dedicated to the General Science category found on the ASVAB exam. General Science questions will test your ability to answer questions on a variety of science topics drawn from courses taught in most high schools.


General Science ASVAB questions

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General Science questions to prep for the ASVAB test   Of the following most inclusive groups, which have more various types of organisms within their group?  NUCLEIC ACIDS: RIBOSEPROTEINS: RIBOSE           CARBOHYDRATES: FATTY ACIDS AND GLYCEROL           LIPIDS: MONOSACCHARIDES        Nucleotides are the building blocks of nucleic acids.                How many Oxygen atoms are in the following equation to the left of the arrow? 2 CO (g) +03 (g) → 2CO2 (g).             4             3             0             1             There are two separate molecules one with 2 Oxygen atoms and the other with 3 oxygen atoms.             General Science Which of the following correctly states the... Continue reading

Sample ASVAB General Science Question

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Sample ASVAB General Science Question   Of the following, which answer best demonstrates the proper order from most to least inclusive?   a) KINGDOM, PHYLUM, CLASS, ORDER, SPECIES   b) KINGDOM, ORDER, CLASS, SPECIES, PHYLUM   c) SPECIES, ORDER, CLASS, PHYLUM, KINGDOM    d) SPECIES, CLASS, ORDER, KINGDOM, PHYLUM     The groups that are more inclusive have various types of organisms within their group.... Continue reading