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High School Seniors - Try your skills at our ASVAB Mathematics Knowledge Questions

Great Mathematics Knowledge ASVAB questions



–2√9 =   –6           5             -8           1             2*(3)=-6

√a2 =     A             5             -8           1             a X a

5√36 =   30           15           -5           0             5 X 6 = 30

3√7 + 8√7 =         11√7      8√2        3√3        2√14


First you must add or subtract each individual square root. Once this has been done you will find the square root of each integer. Finally once you have the square root of both integers, you will then add or subtract the two to get your answer.


Example: √141 - 116 - √4

1. First subtract 141-116; your new problem will look like the following: √25 - √4

2. Next take the square root of both √25 & √4; your new problem will look like the following: 5-2

3. The final step is to calculate the simple problem 5-2=3

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